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“Some of the smallest parts make the biggest impact in our lives.”
-John M. Schuld, President

Swistek means

The best components
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Swistek offers a broad line of Swiss-Type CNC Screw Machines in addition to a host of high-performance drilling, milling, and turning Akira-Seiki machines. All of our machines are built with quality from the ground up and will help any manufacturer produce parts that they can be proud of, no matter if they’re machining small prototype runs of ten pieces or are producing millions of parts to be distributed around the world.

Swistek offers an extensive family of machine solutions including Swiss-type CNC lathes with Removable Guide Bushing (for shorter parts), Sliding Head Non Guide-Bush Type lathes, and Fixed Headstock CNC lathes that can handle diameters ranging from 2mm (.080″) – 60mm (2.375″) at an economical price without sacrificing quality. All Swistek machines come fully loaded with a FANUC control, revolving guide bushing, removable guide bushing for short parts (3 x Dia max), part catcher, part conveyor, bar feeder, chip conveyor, and chip cart. Each machine we sell is backed by our experienced service department and is guaranteed to deliver the most bang for your buck. Swistek works hard to offer the highest quality products available because quality parts and craftsmanship keep your machine running longer and more efficiently.

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Component manufacturers

Control System – JAPAN
Controller, Integrated Spindle Motors, Drives, Amplifiers, Brushless Axis Motors
The entire Control system from controller, spindles, drives and amplifiers are all top of the line Fanuc 30 series products. The latest AI nano CNC, flexibly is for high-speed high-accuracy machines with multiple control paths, feed axes, and spindles for more complex part machining. All Swistek Swiss cnc machine are equipped with integrated Fanuc Spindle Motors. All axis use high-performance FANUC servo motors that provide for less wear and are totally enclosed to ensure no dust or damage to the motor for increased reliability over a long term. The AC motor design improves productivity with faster acceleration and deceleration.

Ball Screws & Bearings – JAPAN
Premium quality double-nut ball screws and guide ways are utilized to ensure high accuracy and long service life. The ball screw nuts are preloaded and forced lubricated and are laser aligned during machine assembly. The ball screw rotational torque is checked over the entire travel length to ensure a non-binding assembly so as to minimize wear and thermal migration that would adversely effect machine accuracy.

Machine Base – Taiwan
The one-piece machine beds and base castings are made of a high-density Meehanite processed cast iron structure that is heavily ribbed to increase lateral stiffness and maximize stress absorption during the turning process. The torque-tube casting is perfectly symmetrical to ensure that no twisting occurs in the bed during heavy cutting or as a result of thermal migration. The low center of gravity cast beds are very heavy duty and the designs gives excellent vibration control, which provides for superior surface finish and increased tool life.

Machine Ways – JAPAN
All axis utilize heavy-duty linear ways made in JAPAN by THK to ensure sustained high accuracy machining results. The faster rapid traverse rates reduce non-cutting time and the low stick/slip characteristics of the INA liner way design ensure superior complex work piece shape definition because the axes follow the control contour commands more exactly.