2006 STAR ECAS-12 Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines | Swistek Machinery America
Swiss Type Automatic Screw Machines
For Sale
Spindle Hole Dia13 mm
Power3.7 kW
RPM12,000 RPM
# Axis10
Dimensions8.5'L x 3.75'D x 6'H
Weight7700 lbs

1/2", STAR, ECAS 12, SIEMENS 840DI, 2006, 10 Axis, C-Axis Main/Sub Max Machining Diameter: 13mm (1/2") Number Of Tools (Front): 3 Tools (opt) Power Driven Tools (Rear): 3 Tools (opt) Max. Drilling Capacity: 8mm (5/16") Max. Tapping Capacity: M6 X P1.0 Max. Milling Capacity: 10mm (25/64") Max Slotting Capacity: 1.5mm(W) X 4mm (D) Main Spindle Indexing Degree: 0.01 Degree (C-Axis Control) Main Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM Main Spindle Motor: 5 HP Power Driven Tool: 8,000 RPM Power Driven Drive Motor: 1 HP SUBSPINDLE Max Chuck Diameter: 13mm (1/2") Number of Tools: 4 Tools Sub Spindle Minimum Indexing Angle: 0.01 Degree (C Axis Control) Sub Spindle Speed: 12,000 RPM Sub Spindle Motor: 5 HP Dimensions (Approx): 8.5'L x 3.75'D x 6'H Weight (Approx.): 7700 lbs

Equipped With

Part Conveyor Power Driven Unit (X1 & X3 Tool Post) 571-63 (6 pcs.) Cross Mill/Drill Units (X1 & X3 Tool Posts) 571-06 4 Station Tool Holder for 3/8" 571-05 2 Station Tool Holder for 3/8" 4 Spindle Sleeve Holder (X3 Tool Post) 573-03 Rotary Guide Bushing Unit with Air Purge System Broken Cut Off Tool Detector Parts Separator Air Regulator 574-59 Coolant Oil Flow Sensor 574-75 Sub Spindle Air Blow Air Purge 574-57 Back 4-Spindle Power Driven Unit Sub Spindle Front Parts Ejector Unit