Sold: 2005 Citizen L6-32


Simultaneous 9 Axes control
AC Servo Axes Control
Main Spindle Speed 200 ~ 8,000 rpm 4-digit stepless command (10 H.P peak./ 5 H.P. Cont.)
Back Spindle Speed 200 ~ 7,000 rpm 4-digit stepless command. (5 H.P peak./ 2 H.P. Cont.)
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 200 ~ 4,500 rpm 4-digit stepless command
C-Axis Control (Main)
Back Spindle Index (C Axis)
4 Live Tool Drive System
Back Spindle Collet Chuck Unit (uses S&M TF37SP)
Work-piece Separator (L=Max.150mm)
Synchronous Type Rotary Guide Bushing Unit (uses S&M TD32)
Main Spindle Collet Chuck Unit (uses S&M TF37SP)
Door Interlock with Switches
Back Spindle Air Blow Unit

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(4)PCM 5011-16-254 1″ ER16 Drill sleeve holder
Centralized Lubrication System w/ Oil Level Detector (1.8 Litter Oil Capacity)
Cutting Oil Tank with Oil Level Detector (37 Gal Oil capacity)

10.5 ” Color LCD
3-Spindle Speeds Command in the Single Block
8 bit B-code Function
Absolute/Incremental Command (Combined Use in Same Block)
Automatic Power Off Function
Background Edit Function
Canned Cycle for Threading
Chamfer/Corner Rounding Function I & II
Constant Surface Speed Control ( Main & Back)
Continuous Threading Cycle
Cutting Feed rate: 1 – 8,000 mm/min
Cycle Time Check Function
Feed Command by inch/rev or inch/min (switchable by G code)
Help Function
I/O Interface for RS232C
Inch/Metric Conversion
Machine Status Memory/Display
Manual Feed by Pulse Generator for all Axes
Minimum Increment (0.00001 inch)
Multi-axis & Multi-line Free Control System
Multiple Repetitive Cycle
Number of Tool Offset (80 pairs)
Output of Miscellaneous Function during Axis Movement
Part Program Work Area: (80m tape length)
Part Program Storage Area, (160m tape length)
Preparation Function (Guide bushing automatic clearance adjustment, Chucking force)
Program Check Function (run program forward & reverse by pulse generator)
Program Editing Support Function (Calculator , M&G codes list-up, Cutting condition)
Radius Designation on Arc
Rapid Feed rate: 20m/min
Reference Point Return (Absolute Position Detector)
Run Hour Display
Self-Diagnosis Function
Single Point Threading
Spindle Speed Fluctuation Detection
Superimposed & Simultaneous Control System
Tape Code (EIA/ISO Automatic Recognition)
Three Dimensional Interference Check Function
Tool Breakage Detector (Spindle Speed Check)
Tool Nose Radius Compensation
Main/Back Spindle Synchronization
C-Axis Control (Main)
C-Axis Control (Back)
Canned Cycles for Drilling (G80/83/85/89)
User Macro (G65-67)
Milling Interpolation
Polygon Turning Function
Hobbing Function
Synchronous Tapping
Differential Speed Tap Function option
Tool Life Management I
Tool Life Management II
Helical Interpolation
Slant Helical Interpolation
Circular Thread Cutting
Part Conveyor

Barfeeders also available at an additional Price Edge, Iemca, FMB, LNS …….


W/ADAPTER PLATE $ 3,300.00