Product Description

Swistek RB42Y Swiss Type CNC equipped with Fanuc Series 32iM Controller
38mm Capacity with Guide Bushing, 42mm Capacity with out Guide Bushing. The Swistek RB42Y HYBRID offers a 8-Axis sliding headstock Swiss Type Screw Machine with a Removable Guide Bushing that brings precision, reliability, performance and speed at a very economical price compared to the competition. The Swistek RB42Y HYBRID model has a removable Guide Bushing, Fanuc 32-iA Controller with ALPHA series Drives, integrated 10hp main spindle and an integrated 10hp independent simultaneous sub-spindle along with Super Precision Bearings and Ball Screws. The Swistek RB42Y has up to 24 Live Tool Positions and has a 38mm bar capacity with the Guide Bushing and 42mm bar capacity without the guide bushing. Running as a Non-Guide-Bush-Type adds cost savings with shorter bar remnants, eliminates the guide bushing and the need for centerless ground bar stock, it also allows for better work piece concentricity in shorter parts (Part Length Ratio for Removing Guide Bushing: Max. Part Length = 3 x Dia.). The Swistek RB42Y HYBRID is truly the most Economical and Versatile Swiss Turn in the Big Bore Class!

Additional Design Benefits:
The Swistek RB42Y Swiss Type CNC Lathe features not only a highly rigidity structure but also operational versatility, translating into shorter turnaround times thus bringing added profitability to your shop. And rest assured, no matter how long it may take to obtain these future jobs, Swistek’s rugged construction and use of superior individual components assures your RB Series machine will be ready to meet with accuracy and reliably these future challenges with ease. You will be amazed at the versatile machining performance of the Swistek RB42Y Swiss Type CNC Lathe. Although compact in construction, it offers multi-functions for maximum flexibility of operation. It is the first choice for various manufacturers of medical, aerospace, electronic, instrument, pneumatic, and hydraulic parts. The Swistek RB42Y Swiss Type CNC Lathe is equipped with a precision sub-spindle, allowing for turning, milling, drilling and tapping. To enhance productivity, the main spindle and sub-spindle can perform synchronized or simultaneous machining and also provides for secondary machining for improved efficiency. Upon request, side drilling can be converted to end drilling. Again, a wide range of optional accessories are available to enhance the operational functions of the Swistek RB42Y Swiss Type CNC Lathe.

Other Outstanding Design Benefits:
The RB Series design team gave a high priority to the customer’s demand for reducing expensive floor space and providing greater overall efficiency at the end user’s facility. Easy access to tooling areas and exceptionally good operational visibility is appreciated by the operator. The use of heavily ribbed, close grain Meehanite process casting is culminated in a rigged one piece base. Once the machine order is placed in production, careful monitoring of every manufacturing process is supervised by the quality control department to meet the Swistek’s demand to manufacture its equipment of the highest quality and accuracy. Every component of the machine is selected by manufacturing engineering to provide for long life with minimal maintenance expense.

Swistek RB42Y Swiss Type CNC Lathe incorporates all of these advantages and combines them with its sub-spindle for even more flexibility in turning, milling, drilling and tapping operations. The sub-spindle design reduces additional process time by machining a part complete in one handling, eliminating secondary machining while upgrading efficiency, reducing WIP, and minimizing the risk of damaging a part from mishandling between secondary operations by offering the opportunity for incorporating back side machining.

RB42Y image 2

  • Max. bar diameter of main spindle: 38mm Guide Bushing, 42mm/(1-5/8”) w/o Bushing
  • Max. bar diameter of sub spindle: 42mm (1-5/8”)
  • Max. turning length with single stroke: 310 mm / (In)
  • Max. drilling capacity of main spindle: 13 / (.512) mm / (In)
  • Max. drilling capacity of sub spindle: 13 / (.512) mm / (In)
  • Max. tapping capacity of main spindle: M10 mm / (In)
  • Max. tapping capacity of sub spindle: M10
  • Max. cross drilling capacity: 13 / (.512) mm / (In)
  • Max. cross tapping capacity: M10
  • Number of tools: 6 x (16×16), 5 x (20×20) (OD)
  • Number of tools: 5 x 25mm Bore (ID)
  • Number of Live Cross Tools (Main spindle): 6 (4xER20, 2xER16)
  • Number of face tool holders (Sub spindle): 8(16)
  • Total number of controlled Axis: 8 Axis
  • Total number of Potential Tool Positions: 40
  • Size of Stick Tools: 16 x 16 x 95 mm or 20 x 20 x 95 mm
  • Bore of spindle: 44 (1.732”) mm (In)
  • Spindle speed range: 6000 rpm
  • Main spindle motor: 10 hp
  • Sub spindle motor: 10 hp
  • X1/Z1 motor: 2 hp
  • Y Axis motor: 1 hp
  • Side drilling motor(3 live Endworking Attachment): 2 hp
  • End drilling motor: 1 hp
  • Rapid Traverse: 1,290ipm
  • Power Requirement: 25KVA
  • Machine dimensions: 105” x 60” x 72”
  • Base Machine Weight: 11,000 lbs

Please Note: Specifications are Subject To Change Without Notice

RB42Y image 5.png

RB42Y image 4

Tooling and Spindle Features:

  • Tooling for Model RB42Y
  • OD tool holder Main: 6 positions 16mm Shank
  • Optional: 20mm OD Tools: 5 Positions
  • ID tool holder Main: 5 positions 25mm Bore
  • Cross drilling Spindles Main: 6 positions
  • End Working Positions Sub: 13 positions
  • Optional Live Face Milling Head: 3 Position
  • Broken Cut Off Detector
  • RB42Y image 3

Built-in Spindle Motors with C-Axis:

This design combines high power with minimum vibration, rapid acceleration and deceleration for optimizing spindle productive time. Spindles are Temperature Controlled to Minimize Thermal Growth resulting in excellent finishes and accuracy. Simultaneous Machining, C-Axis and FULLY LOADED FANUC Control Options like Polar, Cylindrical Interpolation, Rigid Tapping, Canned Cycles for Turning, Threading Option standard for Milling and Engraving is very advantageous.

Comprehensive Tool Holder System:

The Swistek RB42 Swiss Type CNC Lathe tooling system features 6/5 external, 5 inner tool holders and can accommodates 6 cross drilling devices. The careful choice of the design department specifies the use of only the highest quality bearings for the high precision spindle. The result is a quiet running; superb spindle design assuring high speed, power and accurate machining with superior part finishes.

Key Machine Features:

  • FANUC 32i-B Control (Loaded with Options)
  • 8-Axis with Simultaneous Subspindle
  • Can Run Barstock from 5mm to 42mm
  • Non-Guide Bush – HYBRID Swiss
  • Hydraulic Main & Sub Spindle Clamping
  • 42mm without Guide Bushing
  • up to 40 Total Tool Stations
  • up to 24 Live Tool Positions
  • up to 10 Live on Main, 14 live on the Sub Spindle
  • Twin Temp. Controlled 10HP FANUC Integrated Spindles
  • FANUC Alpha Drives, Motors, Amplifiers & Spindles
  • High Precision Bearings and Ball Ballscrews
  • C-Axis Main & Sub Spindle
  • Independent Synchronized Sub-Spindle
  • Synchronized Revolving Guide Bushing
  • Parts Chute with Part Conveyor
  • Coolant Chiller for optimum thermal stability
  • Coolant Through Sub-Spindle
  • 3-axis Simultaneous Circular Interpolation
  • Simultaneous Machining on Front & Back
  • Rigid Construction
  • 2 Year FANUC warranty, one year mechanical
  • Installation and Machine Training